We not only offer equipment and services, we provide solutions for your medical imaging system needs!



We offer inspection services for a flat fee (price determined by location). When you choose Tranzrad LLC to report on equipment, either your owned equipment or equipment you are considering investing in, we will thoroughly inspect and test all aspects of the equipment per OEM specifications. We will report fully on its functionality, condition (all aspects), abilities and its longevity feasibility (probable lifespan). By contracting Tranzrad, you will have a 100% accurate honest professional report on the current condition of the equipment. The investment for the evaluation will be small in comparison to the risk involved not having this valuable information. 



We travel nationwide for de-installation services. Our de-installation services are under strict quality control measures which ensure the asset is disassembled and prepared for shipment properly, in such a way it can be reinstalled on any site that has been prepared properly.


We offer equipment relocation services (room moves) for all models of medical imaging equipment within the US and Mexico. We have a policy to only install equipment in which our team has previously de-installed or systems we inspect just prior to systems being taken out of commission by the OEM. Equipment that has been de-installed by another party is not usually considered viable for us to offer this service unless we are contracted to stage, test and evaluate prior. We recommend to contact us as early as possible to provide you a customer quotation and so we may let you know what potential costs you will have additionally (such as freight, rigging, site planning, room construction and renovations).


For our retail clients, we offer the option to bring your equipment in to our facility for reconditioning and upgrading during interim relocation. If your equipment is a candidate for extending its service (evident in inspection reports) this option could save your operation a considerable amount of money.



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